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Diode laser components

tanda photonics is an exclusive distributer for a domestic diode laser manufacturer. 


call for more information on diode lasers including

  • open heatsink single emitters

  • high brightness fiber-coupled single emitter packages  

  • bars on passive heatsinks

  • qcw stack arrays on passive and active coolers


high power laser diode beam shapers

High power 10W to 2kW CW laser diode beam shapers are used in numerous applications including,

  • Plastic welding

  • Surface annealing

  • Medical procedures

  • Digital printing and imaging

Allow us to design and deliver a high power beam shaper to your specifications.  Our experience in multi-lens variable and fixed beam shaping products can DELIVER the perfect spot for your application.   

fiber lasers

TANDA Photonics has recently developed a modular fiber laser platform ready for your customization.  This compact and lightweight package can be populated with over 2.5kW of individually addressable CW pump power to a variety of doped fiber types. 

Call for information regarding customization.

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