Custom Diode Laser Packaging

Let TANDA photonics assist you in the design of your custom diode laser product needs by leveraging our decades of expertise in design and manufacturing of high and low volume assemblies including :

  • High power diode laser stacks.

  • Fiber coupled stacks.

  • Collimated laser diode packaged sources.

  • Fiber coupled single emitter packages.

  • High power line generators.

  • Medical Sources.

Specialized Process Tooling

High power diode laser production requires highly specialized processes and tooling to achieve high yield and consistent quality. TANDA photonics specializes in the design and delivery of automated or semi-automated production level tooling including :

  • Micro-lensing stations for optical alignment.

  • Fully Automated electro-optical test equipment for high power diode laser production.

  • Assembly and bonding tooling.

  • Burn-in equipment for component and final product level.

  • Customized software solutions.

Engineering Consulting

TANDA photonics specializes in both design and production assistance of high power diode laser assemblies. This market places a high demand on the following engineering services which TANDA can provide.

  • Thermal simulations.

  • CFD analysis.

  • Vibration analysis.

  • Optical Design and beam shaping.